Nan Fenton, Office Manager
StarTech’s office has been managed for over 10 years by Nan Fenton.  From computers to accounting to computer accounting. 

Gary joined the StarTech team in 1991.  Hardware, software, sales, service, he can do it all. 

Gary Collette, Technician

Frank came on board in 1998, he has a great deal of hardware experience and is well versed in the Windows environment. 
Frank Greco, Technician
tracer.jpg (232398 bytes)Bill (Tracer) started with the company in 2000.  Originally working as a technician, he later took over the sales department.  You'll often still find him in the shop, tearing apart equipment or building new systems.  An avid musician himself, he plans to add a line of music gear and accessories next year. 
Bill Tracy, Technician

Matt Jones is a key sales and support person in the music division.  He is also in charge of building and grounds.  
Matt Jones, Music Division

StarTech founder, president, and general manager is Mike Jones.  Yes, that is his real name.  He has struggled since 1979 (which would be about 20 years) to keep this small independent company afloat in the ever changing world of computers.
Mike Jones, President & General Manager