This section is provided only for the interested, curious, or those who have persevered with us over the years.

StarTech Computers is a computer sales & service company located in Massena NY. The company opened in 1983 in the Harte Haven Plaza. Originally named ACS Massena Computer Center, it was a branch of ACS Computers, a company founded in 1979 in Potsdam, NY. In 1984, former executive vice president and general manager Michael Jones separated from the Potsdam operation and took over the Massena location as an independent outlet. In 1985 the showroom moved to 69 Main St., Massena. And in 1987, although a handshake deal had been made between StarTech and the owner of the 69 Main St. building, Borderland Computers (a.k.a. Computerland) bought the building out from under them. The rent soon doubled, forcing the firm to move again, this time to 7 Water St. Massena.

In 1990 the company incorporated as StarTechnology Systems Inc., but retained the trade name of StarTech Computers.

In 1991, StarTech entertained negotiations with Slavins Furniture to purchase the Water Street location. Even though the deed and abstract had already been signed over, Slavins decided they wanted to keep the attached garage from the property to knock down for a badly needed parking lot. Rather than enter into a lengthy court battle, StarTech decided instead to purchase a 3500 sq. ft. building at 260 East Orvis St., directly across the street from Frenchie's Chevrolet. Their showroom, offices, and service center are located in this facility today.

StarTech originally carried Apple and Commodore computers. With John Scully, former Pepisco President, ousting Apple cofounder Steve Jobs as president of the company, unreasonable service procedures and outrageous quotas forced the company to drop the Apple line. The introduction of the VIC-20 and the Commodore 64 brought computers into a price range never before seen in the industry. In support of the new found technology, StarTech was instrumental in starting the Commodore users group of Massena (COMA) and hosted the organization for several years. StarTech developed and operated one of the first Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) in the area. This early system, named "Comnet" was originally developed on the Vic-20, and later ran on a Commodore 64 with 2 floppy disk drives (a total of 340k of storage space). The service started of with a 300 baud service, and later expanded to 1200 baud. Even with this limited capacity, the system offered private mail, discussion groups, weather reports, and on line games. Development continued on to an MS-DOS based multi user system which would run four modems plus the system console simultaneously, but development was abandoned when the introduction of Microsoft Windows made multitasking a function of the operating system.

StarTech started carrying IBM compatible computers 1985 with the addition of Columbia brand computers and soon after, the popular Leading Edge brand. An early experiment in 1987 of assembling their own private label clone machines took off with great popularity, and by 1990 the firm was building over 100 units per year with total company revenues near one million dollars.

In 1988 StarTech found itself in a small financial dilemma. With equipment already in transit, Mr. Ronald Rickett of Key Bank reversed a loan decision previously approved by Mr. Robert Pond for funding to purchase equipment to fulfill a large Massena Central School purchase order. We never believed for one minute that Mr. Rickett's relationship with Mr. Phil Shehan, owner of Computerland, had any influence on his actions. Luckily, StarTech was bailed out by "the Godfather", Mr. Richard Bordeau, a COMA user group member who put up monies from his own savings to finance the Massena school's computers.

Through the years, StarTech became representative and service center for several major companies including: Acer, Aldus, ALPS, AST, AT&T, Commodore, Cormac, Digital Equipment, Laser Computer, DTK, Hayes, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Magnavox, NEC, Okidata, Panasonic, Panda, Phillips, Seagate, Star Micronics, Teac, Thomas-Conrad, Microsoft, Novell, and others.

StarTech was forced to carry DTK brand computers to meet inflexibly tailored bid specifications after Mr. Don Brining, despite good references and an impressive track record, refused to consider their private label systems for St. Lawrence County use. The DTK line was later abandoned in favor of a "mail order" brand of computers which, because of their inclusion on the NY State bid list, did not require local bidding.

Today StarTech concentrates on Windows based computers running in the Microsoft , Windows 98, and Windows 2000, and Windows XP platform.. They offer quality, serviceable, and upgradeable units with great price-performance value.  They support Microsoft and Novell networking.  They have a complete in house service facility, stock most computer components, and offer staff technicians to work on your system.